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Who am I?

Hello! My name is Karu n.n. I am 16 years old and I come here to help communities share unique and fun experiences. I can help you interact with other people, give them hugs, kisses, love… Many cute things :3.


Command types:

Before you start with the commands:

Text 🔺

Command Use Example Variables
8ball You want me to guess your future? English only //8ball <Message>
bola8 ¿Quieres que adivine tu futuro? Only spanish //? <Message>
say You can send a message through me //say <Message>
embed Similar to say, but Embed type //esay <Message>

Image 🔺

Command Use Example Variables
cat Show pictures of kittens //cat None
dog Shows pictures of puppies //dog None
neko It shows pictures of girls with little ears //neko None
xbox Generate an image of an xbox achievement with the message you want //xbox <Message> None

Reaction 🔺

Command Use Example Variables
blush Shows a gif or image of a blushing person //blush None
cry It shows a gif or image of a person crying //cry None
eat It shows a gif or image of a person eating //eat None

Interaction 🔺

Command Use Example Variables
hug Give hugs to one or more people //hug <@user/ID/name>
kill kills one or more people with this command //kill <@user/ID/name>
kiss Kiss one or more people //kiss <@user/ID/name>
lick Lick one or more people //lick <@user/ID/name>
pat Caress one or more people //pat <@user/ID/name>
slap Slap one or more people //slap <@user/ID/name>

Information 🔺

Command Use Example Variables
help Displays a help menu //help <name/alias>
invite Invite the bot with the link that will show you //invite None
ping Displays the latency of the bot with the Discord API and the time it takes to send the message from the karu server //ping Ninguno
sinfo View current server information //sinfo None
uinfo View your information inside the server or a user //uinfo [@usuario/ID/nombre]


Command Use Example Variables
egasm Presents emojis in the style of “satisfaction” //egasm none
fuck Fucks one or more people at a time //fuck <@user/ID/name>
hentai Show sexual images and gifs from the world of anime //hentai <rc/list>
rule34 It shows content “rule 34” //r34 <rc/list/search>

Command status 🔺

In order to be informed about what can happen to the commands, I have decided to show them to you in a more striking way. In this case, with emojis.

What is a variable? 🔺

When we talk about variables, it means that we have more than one parameter with which Karu can identify the command. In this section I’m going to show you which variables you can use with Karu in some commands.

Some commands also mention more than one variable divided by a /, meaning that you can occupy only one of the options. Another case is that of the NSFW commands, I will give you an example with the one of //hentai, it has a sub-command that calls a list, //hentai list, if you use some of those parameters it would be for example… //hentai classic and no //hentai list classic.


This parameter means that Karu can search for the person, user or member that you want by means of a mention, it is of the forms that but it occupies to Karu.

Ejemplo @user


This parameter means that Karu can also search for the person, user or member you want by means of their ID, it is an optional form to not mention that person. If you want to know more about IDS visit: Este enlace

Ejemplo ID